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32◦33/100 pictures of Keira Knightley

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I had a lovely dream. I don’t remember what it was about, but it was a lovely dream.
by Ernest Hemingway, from The Sun Also Rises  
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And I come back to you now… at the turn of the tide.

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That’s Lyanna, my father’s sister. King Robert was supposed to marry her, but Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped her. Robert started a war to win her back, he killed Rhaegar, but she died anyway.

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Inés Sastre in "Inés Come Carmen" by Michel Comte for Vogue Italia September 1992

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The paper was fresh and clean, and the ink crisply black. Legible or not, the date at the top of the page sprang out at me as though written in letters of fire: 20 April, 1743.
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Givenchy Haute Couture - Details

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26/100 pictures of Keira Knightley

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every living creature on Earth dies alone.

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House of Eorl + Name Meanings

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