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captain america a-z: part one

I’m a big homebody. I just like hanging out, doing things at home. I like gardening.

Sophie Turner photographed by Jason Hetherington for Nylon Singapore, July 2014

Stark Girls + Quotes (Lannister version)

Do not talk to me of dragon fire! I know its wrath and ruin. I have faced the great serpents of the north!

got s4 challenge: [day 2] favourite scene → the mountain vs. the red viper


Chanel - Detail

lotr + hands

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Silmarillion Read-along bingo - Ainulindalë 

But here in this kingdom,  w e   w i l l   e n d u r e .

Game of Thrones + Hands

official comic con posters for all three hobbit films

love isn’t soft,
like those poets say.
love has teeth which bite
and the wounds  n e v e r  c l o s e.